Liebert OpenComms Nform ( v. 4.0 ) - version upgrade license

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Product Id: 20408588

Description: Liebert OpenComms Nform - (v. 4.0) - version upgrade license - 1 device - upgrade from 2.0 - Win

Mfr Part #: NFORM-STD-UP

MSRP: $6,200.00

The Alarm Management Software shall centrally monitor multiple distributed devices using the customer's existing network infrastructure. The monitored devices shall be capable of transmitting alarm notifications to the central management system using SNMP traps. The centralized management system shall receive traps from these monitored devices and display the alarm notification in a graphical user interface, which shall enable the user to centrally manage the alarm(s). Alarm management shall include alarm processing, local alarm receipt notification such as generating an audible alarm, and notification to remote users. The software shall provide secure access to the viewer interface and will be capable of operating and managing alarms without the viewer running. The viewer interface shall enable the user to build a custom defined navigation tree, which will allow the end user to logically group distributed devices in the centralized viewer interface. The custom defined navigation tree will also provide support for custom graphics. Configuration of the devices and graphics defined in the custom navigation tree shall be through a drag and drop interface, enabling the user to efficiently build logical organizational groupings of devices. The software shall support tiered levels of access, limiting authenticated users access to configuration information.