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Description: Liebert Nform Express Edition - License - 30 devices - Win

Mfr Part #: NFORM-EXP

MSRP: $4,200.00

Liebert Nform is a network communications system that will enable you to leverage the distributed monitoring capabilities of your network connected equipment. This software solution combines full-scale monitoring with cost-effective deployment through the use of the existing network infrastructure. It is both scalable and adaptable so it can grow as your systems expand and business needs change.
Liebert Nform can be configured to monitor your network for alarm notifications from Liebert power protection and mission-critical cooling equipment. These alarms can be processed to trigger event actions such as e-mail alerts or local notifications.
Liebert Nform Express Edition is for small businesses or customers who need to monitor and manage fewer than 30 power and cooling systems.
Key Points
  • Forward specific alarms to network managers
  • Discover new devices across multiple networks
  • Detailed status reports of notifications remove redundant alarms
  • Eliminates the need for expensive third-party monitoring applications
  • Simplified installation and configuration reduces overall start-up, reducing costs
Product Features
  • Be prepared for change
    Liebert Nform provides trending of current parametric and historical analysis of changes to the data center. As the demands on the IT infrastructure increase through consolidation and virtualization Liebert Nform delivers the tools to help track and manage changes. Trends can dynamically update at operator-defined intervals or on specific alarm-events. This prevents the system from creating unnecessary traffic on the IT Network.
  • Goes beyond just providing alarms
    The trend analysis and reporting capability can help you detect changes in your equipment's performance by graphically illustrating its history operation. This provides the information you need to prevent system down-time by responding in a time of non-duress. Liebert Nform has the ability to easily export current and historical data to external sources that create reports to help understand the efficiency and capacity of the data center.
  • Location independent views
    Using a centralized database, Liebert Nform allows administrators to create user accounts with specific navigation views, and assign policies that define the access and ability of each user.
  • System security
    System includes three default users groups; Administrator, Power User and User. Additional users and groups can be created and customized. An audit log contains records of user logins, logouts and system configuration changes.
  • The right strategy: you are ready or not
    Server consolidation and virtualization create opportunities to reduce IT costs, enhance computing performance and improve data center space utilization. But this also changes the power and cooling profile of the data center. Liebert Nform integration with Liebert MultiLink automated shutdown software allows you to actively protect data on servers supported by the Liebert UPS equipment you are monitoring, using the same Liebert IntelliSlot web cards.
  • Stay in control
    Because today's critical business applications are often virtualized and consolidated between several computers or servers, there is a need for shutdown software capable of protecting information on multiple machines. Liebert Nform with Liebert MultiLink performs the critical task of protecting your business from costly damage and data loss as a result of extended power failures and extreme environmental conditions that often exist with higher density servers.