Liebert MPX PRC MPXPRC-V1880XXX - power entry module - 17.2 kW

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Product Id: 20350562

Description: Liebert MPX PRC MPXPRC-V1880XXX - Power entry module (rack-mountable) - AC 120/208-240 V - 17.2 kW - 3-phase / 1-phase - 23U

Mfr Part #: MPXPRC-V1880XXX

MSRP: $275.00

The MPX PRC acts as the fundamental building block of the Liebert MPX. Power and Communications buses are integrated into the full length of the MPX PRC. The MPX BRM (Branch Receptacle Modules) lock onto the MPX PRC, adding power input, power output, monitoring and management, depending on the type of module. The MPX PRC has five power bus slots that allow the connection of MPX BRM modules to three phases of power, neutral and protective earth.