Computrace Plus - subscription license

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Product Id: 19973945

Description: Computrace Plus - Subscription license ( 3 years ) - 1 user - Win, Mac

Mfr Part #: CTTR-G-STCN-36

MSRP: $82.95

Track and protect your computer population, including remote and mobile assets. ComputracePlus provides you with detailed reports for every computer with an Internet connection.
With typical asset tracking systems, an average of 10-15% of assets "drift" from view - into other departments, contractors' living rooms, or criminals' basements. ComputracePlus is different. With this system, every computer with an Internet connection communicates regularly to report system information, location, and user identity. With ComputracePlus, you will know the location of 95% of your assets 24/7 and stop drift in its tracks.
Installing ComputracePlus on every machine helps you track down and eliminate internal theft. ComputracePlus can slash your internal theft rate by as much as 90%.