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Product Id: 19953078

Description: C++Builder Professional - ( v. 6 ) - license - 1 named user - ESD - Win

Mfr Part #: CPB1360WWEN180

MSRP: $1,081.00

C++Builder is a rapid C++ application development toolset for Windows, Mac and mobile development, with broad cloud and IoT support. It features CLANG 3.3 and C++11 support and multi-device development tools. C++ Builder is your choice for fast enterprise strong development. Look for increased memory for large projects, extended multi-monitor support and much more.
Key Points
  • Integrated ANSI/ISO C++ tools with draft C++0x support
  • RAD IDE with fast drag-and-drop design
  • Integrated boost and TR1 libraries
  • Over 250+ VCL controls
  • Built-in touch and gesturing support
  • dbExpress with support for 9 major databases
  • Create DataSnap clients that access Delphi n-tier middleware servers with JSON, REST, HTTP, COM, and XML
Product Features
  • CLANG enhanced C++ compiler for Windows and mobile
    C++Builder provides a C++ compiler for Windows and mobile with RAD extensions for fast standard C++ Windows and cross-platform development. Tight integration with VCL for Windows and FMX cross-platform frameworks, C++11 language support and ARC (Automatic Reference Counting) based memory management for mobile, with backward compatibility. C++Builder is a must have upgrade for C++Builder Windows VCL developers or C++ mobile and desktop developers coming from other languages and toolsets such as Java, ObjectiveC, C#, XCode, Xamarin and Visual Studio.
  • Powerful cross-platform UX
    RAD Studio features the FireUI Multi-Device Designer and cross-platform UI framework that delivers the only true single source solution for natively compiled applications. Mobile developers can finally build a common, native look and feel UI that works across multiple form factors of mobile phones, tablets, and desktop systems - all at once! From the user interface code through the rest of the complete client software stack, your apps can access platform APIs, device sensors and services, and deliver enhanced app performance with native GPU and CPU support all from a common and shared code base.
  • Preview at design time with FireUI
    FireUI App Previews lets you preview your FireMonkey application on iOS, Android, OSX and Windows targets as you are designing the app. Changes made in the FMX Designer are broadcasted in real time to connected devices using the appropriate Styles for the devices.