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Product Id: 19946586

Description: Cisco Nexus 1000V - License - 4 CPU

Mfr Part #: N1K-VLCPU-04=

MSRP: $2,775.00

The Cisco Nexus 1000V Series Virtual Supervisor Module (VSM) controls multiple VEMs as one logical modular switch. Instead of physical line card modules, the VSM supports multiple VEMs running in software inside of the physical servers. Configuration is performed through the VSM and is automatically propagated to the VEMs. Instead of configuring soft switches inside the hypervisor on a host- by- host basis, administrators can define configurations for immediate use on all VEMs being managed by the Virtual Supervisor Module from a single interface.
Key Points
  • Flexibility and scalability
  • High availability
  • Manageability
Product Features
  • Flexibility and scalability
    Port profiles, the Cisco NX-OS feature, provides configuration of ports by category, enabling the solution to scale to a large number of ports. Common software can run all areas of the data center network, including the LAN and SAN.
  • High availability
    Synchronized, redundant virtual supervisor modules enable rapid, stateful failover and ensure an always available virtual machine network.
  • Manageability
    The Cisco Nexus 1000V Series can be accessed through the Cisco command-line interface (CLI), Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), XML API, and CiscoWorks LAN Management Solution (LMS).