Maxell DVD+R Colour - DVD+R x 5 - 4.7 GB

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Product Id: 19931173

Description: Maxell DVD+R Colour - 5 x DVD+R - 4.7 GB ( 120min ) 16x - blister

Mfr Part #: 639031

MSRP: $4.95

Maxell DVD+R discs have a high capacity of 4.7GB. They feature a superior archival life and DVD+R compatible up to 8x or 4x speed. DVD+R is a write-once format suitable for various data storage and multimedia applications. DVD+R is compatible for playback with most DVD players and DVD-ROM drives.
Key Points
  • DVD+R is a write-once format, suitable for recording with DVD+R writer
  • Compatible for playback with most DVD Players and DVD-ROM drives
  • DVD+R compatible for up to 16x speed
  • Storage capacity of 4.7GB
  • Recording time up to 120 minutes in standard mode