Juniper Networks - power supply - 645 Watt

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Product Id: 19928883

Description: Juniper Networks - Power supply (plug-in module) - AC 100-240 V - 645 Watt - for Juniper Networks SRX650 Chassis, SRX650 Services Gateway

Mfr Part #: SRX600-PWR-645AC-POE

MSRP: $900.00

Juniper Networks SRX series services gateways for the branch provide essential capabilities that connect, secure, and manage work force locations sized from handfuls to hundreds of users. By consolidating fast, highly available switching, routing, security, and applications capabilities in a single device, enterprises can economically deliver services, safe connectivity, and a satisfying end user experience.
Key Points
  • Secure routing
  • High availability
  • Session-based forwarding without the performance hit
Product Features
  • Secure routing
    Should you use a router and a firewall to secure your network? By building the branch SRX series with best in class routing and firewall capabilities in one product, enterprises don't have to make that choice. Why forward traffic if it's not legitimate? SRX series for the branch checks the traffic to see if it is legitimate, and only forwards it on when it is. This reduces the load on the network, allocates bandwidth for all other mission-critical applications, and secures the network from hacking.
  • High availability
    JUNOS Services Redundancy Protocol (JSRP) is a core feature of the SRX series for the branch. JSRP enables a pair of security systems to be easily integrated into a high availability network architecture, with redundant physical connections between the systems and the adjacent network switches. With link redundancy, Juniper Networks can address many common causes of system failures, such as a physical port going bad or a cable getting disconnected, to ensure that a connection is available, without having to fail over the entire system. This is consistent with a typical active/standby nature of routing resiliency protocols.