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Description: SolarWinds IP Address Manager - License + 1 Year Maintenance - unlimited IP - Win

Mfr Part #: 6003

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Today's dynamic networks require you to keep a vigilant eye on your IP address space. Complex spreadsheets and home-grown solutions just don't cut it anymore - you need a solution that can give you comprehensive IP space visibility and help you prevent IP address conflicts from taking down network devices.
As the module of Orion Network Performance Monitor (NPM), Orion IP Address Manager (IPAM) allows you and your team to ditch your spreadsheets for an easy-to-use, centralized IP address management solution that doesn't break the bank. Orion IPAM periodically scans the network for IP address changes and maintains a dynamic list of IP addresses, including non-responsive addresses. Orion IPAM leverages Orion NPM's intuitive point-and-click interface to allow engineers to easily drill down to investigate IP address space issues.
Key Points
  • Manage your entire IP infrastructure from an intuitive web-console
  • Consolidate your IP addresses into a single repository
  • Keep better records by periodically scanning your network for IP address changes
  • Create, schedule, and share reports on the IP address space percent utilization
  • Pinpoint and eliminate IP address conflicts
  • Coordinate team access to your IP space with role-based access control and track who made each change
  • Easily identify non-responsive IP addresses to optimize your IP space
Product Features
  • Fault and performance integration
    You can view your IP address space alongside fault and performance issues across complex, multi-vendor networks. Through a single web console, you can access both real-time availability statistics and performance history for all of your network devices, providing the complete network management solution that you've been searching for.
  • Scheduled scanning
    Not all subnets are the same, so why would you scan each of them with the same settings? Orion IPAM allows you to periodically scan a subnet as frequent as 10 minutes to as slowly as 7 days. Moreover, you can schedule each scan independently by subnet so your mobile subnets will always be updated without rescanning those subnets with mostly static IPs.
  • Top 10 subnets used
    Orion IPAM leverages the Orion Top 10 lists you love to make it easy for you to see the IP allocation for each of your subnets. Top 10 lists display the subnet name, a bar graph showing what percentage of IP space is used, how many IPs are available, and how many IPs are used in a given subnet.
  • Scan segmentation
    With scan segmentation, Orion IPAM allows you to selectively pick which IPs you want to manually manage and which ones you want automatically managed. That way, you can manually manage IPs in your DMZ where ICMP and SNMP are not allowed, but still automatically manage your dynamic mobile IPs.
  • Subnet allocation wizard
    Orion IPAM provides a subnet allocation wizard to help you efficiently organize your managed IP address space into subnets that are sized appropriately for the extent and traffic of your network. With its real-time subnet calculator, the Orion IPAM subnet allocation wizard allows you to quickly determine the most efficient way to subdivide any supernet.
  • Subnet snapshot
    Managing a handful of IP addresses is easy, but toss in several hundred, let alone, several thousand IP addresses and you've got a real IP space nightmare. How do you keep tabs on each subnet to make sure an IP conflict is not looming around the corner? Rest assured that despite having multiple engineers adding and removing IP addresses, you'll always have an easy view into each of your subnets to ensure it is optimally allocated.
  • Detailed event recording
    Managing an IP space by yourself is challenging, but when you have a team of network engineers, the real fun starts! How can you make sure each engineer is aware of each other's changes? How can you check who made an IP change or modified a subnet? With spreadsheets, all bets are off, and you are simply at the mercy of each person notifying everyone else when changes are made.
  • User-defined grouping
    Orion IPAM provides groups to help your team organize IP space. The drag-and-drop user interface makes it easy to immediately create groups that may contain any number of other groups, supernets, subnets, or individual IP addresses. Using Orion IPAM, you can group all the various network components related to each department of each branch office into its own group.
  • Global search
    From Orion IPAM's advanced web console, you can perform a global search for any specific IP address or wildcard expression with a partial IP address. Within seconds, an interactive list returns allowing you to link directly to manage the subnet for that specific IP address. Additionally, you can edit IP address properties and set the status of the selected IP address.
  • Engineer's toolset integration
    If you have both SolarWinds engineer's toolset and Orion IPAM, you can leverage the functionality of the powerful troubleshooting tools in Engineer's Toolset directly from Orion IPAM simply by using the "right-click" mouse option or by selecting a tool from the Orion IPAM toolbar.
  • Flexible reporting
    Using the powerful capabilities of Orion Report Writer, IPAM data can be easily extracted and presented in a useful format. Orion Report Writer allows you to format your data exactly to your specifications and preview reports before you display them. When you have finished editing your reports, you can use the scheduler tool to schedule distribution of reports via email and to enable people to view them through the Orion web console.