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Lind HP1920-2591 - Car power adapter

Lind HP1920-2591 - car power adapter

Mfr Part #:
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SHI Part #:
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Quick Details
  • 11
  • 16 V
  • for Compaq Mini 110, 700, 701, 702, 705, 730, 731, 732, 733, 735; HP Mini 10XX, 110, 11XX
Lind HP1920-2591 - Car power adapter
  • 11
  • 16 V
  • for Compaq Mini 110, 700, 701, 702, 705, 730, 731, 732, 733, 735; HP Mini 10XX, 110, 11XX
  Additional Details
Price: $63.00
MSRP: $64.95
Mfr Part #: HP1920-2591
SHI Part #: 19689290
Category: Power adapters or inverters
UNSPSC: 39121006
Manufacturer: Lind Electronics
Product Type: Hardware
General Information
CategoryPower adapters or inverters
DescriptionLind HP1920-2591 - Car power adapter - 11 - 16 V - for Compaq Mini 110, 700, 701, 702, 705, 730, 731, 732, 733, 735; HP Mini 10XX, 110, 11XX
ManufacturerLind Electronics
Main Specifications
Dimensions & Weight / Depth6.1 cm
Dimensions & Weight / Height3.2 cm
Dimensions & Weight / Weight312 g
Dimensions & Weight / Width9.5 cm
General / SubcategoryPower adapters
Header / BrandLind
Packaged Quantity1
Power Device / Form FactorExternal
Power Device / Voltage Required11 - 16 V
Product TypeCar power adapter
Service & Support / Type3-year warranty
Compatibility Information
Designed ForCompaq Mini 110c-1000SN, 110c-1010EA, 110c-1010SB, 110c-1033EZ, 110c-1048NR, 110c-1100DX, 110c-1100SB, 110c-1100SO, 110c-1101SO, 110c-1103SO, 110c-1110EC, 110c-1110EH, 110c-1110EM, 110c-1110ES, 110c-1110EZ, 110c-1110SA, 110c-1110SD, 110C-1110SG, 110c-1110SH, 110c-1110SP, 110c-1115EG, 110c-1115SS, 110c-1120SA, 110c-1120SO, 110c-1120SS, 110c-1125EG, 110c-1130ED, 110c-1130EF, 110c-1130SA, 110c-1130SF, 110c-1130SS, 110c-1133EZ, 110c-1150EB, 110c-1150SS, 700EA ¦ HP Mini 1000, 1018TU, 1019TU, 1020TU, 1097ei, 1098ei, 1099ea, 1099ed, 1099ef, 1099eg, 1099eh, 1099ek, 1099el, 1099en, 1099ep, 1099ES, 1099ew, 110, 110-1010SA, 110-1012NR, 110-1016LA, 110-1020BR, 110-1030CA, 110-1033CL, 110-1034NR, 110-1037NR, 110-1040LA, 110-1040TU, 110-1046NR, 110-1050BR, 110-1050LA, 110-1081TU, 110-1090LA, 110-1100SL, 110-1102EW, 110-1105SL, 110-1109NR, 110-1110EL, 110-1112NR, 110-1113NR, 110-1115CA, 110-1115NR, 110-1115SA, 110-1116CA, 110-1116NR, 110-1117CA, 110-1125BR, 110-1125LA, 110-1125NR, 110-1125SA, 110-1126LA, 110-1126NR, 110-1127NR, 110-1129NR, 110-1130LA, 110-1130SA, 110-1130SL, 110-1131DX, 110-1131LA, 110-1134CL, 110-1134TU, 110-1135NR, 110-1135TU, 110-1140EL, 110-1140EP, 110-1140LA, 110-1140SS, 110-1144EZ, 110-1145SS, 110-1146SS, 110-1147SS, 110-1150BR, 110-1150ED, 110-1150EG, 110-1150LA, 110-1150NR, 110-1150SA, 110-1150sf, 110-1150SS, 110-1155SS, 110-1156TU, 110-1160EP, 110-1160sa, 110-1160SB, 110-1160SL, 110-1165EP, 110-1165SB, 110-1170ES, 110-1170sf, 110-1180SF, 110-1190BR, 110-1190LA, 110-1190sf, 110-1191eo, 110-1192eo, 110-1193EO, 110-1197TU, 110-1199EA, 110-1199EC, 110-1199ed, 110-1199EG, 110-1199EM, 110-1199eo, 110-1199ES, 110-1199EZ, 110-3001SG, 110-3001sl, 110-3002SG, 110-3002sl, 110-3013EZ, 110c-1100sw, 110C-1110SH, 110C-1111SL, 110c-1125eg, 110C-1130SF, 110C-1150SS, 110c-1190eo, 110c-1191eo, 110c-1199eo, 110se-1199ef, 1120BR, 1133CA, 1135CA, 1140NR, 1141NR, 1150BR, 1190BR, 1198EO, 1199eb, 1199ec, 1199EO, 1199ep
Dimensions & Weight
Depth6.1 cm
Height3.2 cm
Weight312 g
Width9.5 cm
Device TypeCar power adapter - external
Manufacturer Warranty
Service & SupportLimited warranty - 3 years
Cables IncludedCar connection cable 91 cm ¦ Power cable 91 cm
FeaturesRugged, overheat protection, Auto-Resetting Technology, overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection, short-circuit protection
Power Device
Circuit ProtectionFuse
Input Voltage11 - 16 V
Output Voltage19 V
Power Output Connectors Details1 x power DC jack 4.0 mm