Tripp Lite PDU mounting bracket - 0U

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Product Id: 19601223

Description: Tripp Lite PDU Bracket Accessory enables Vertical PDU Installation w/ Rear-Facing Outlets - PDU mounting bracket - 0U


MSRP: $55.80

PDUMVROTATEBRKT enables toolless installation of select Tripp Lite PDUs in 0U / vertical orientation with rear-facing outlets to facilitate better rack front-to-rear airflow and equipment access. Pair of brackets with installation buttons snap into the accessory mounting rails in equipped racks. Each bracket accepts a PDU button mount that snaps into place to securely hold a PDU as it distributes power to your rack enclosure.
Compatible with Tripp Lite PDU1415, PDU1420T, PDU40TDUAL, PDUV15, PDUV20, PDUV30HV, PDUMV15, PDUMV20, PDUMV40, PDUMV30, PDUMV20HV, PDUMV30HV, PDUMV15NET, PDUMV20NET, PDUMV30NET, PDUMV20HVNET, PDUMV30HVNET and other PDUs referencing this accessory.
Key Points
  • Set of brackets enables vertical PDU placement with outlets facing the rear in button-mount equipped racks
  • Rear facing outlets enhance airflow and equipment cabling access
  • Toolless mounting supported