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Product Id: 19483321

Description: Fabric Watch - License - 1 switch - for SilkWorm 3900

Mfr Part #: BR-3900FWH-02

MSRP: $4,413.00

Brocade Fabric Watch (Fabric Watch) is the intelligent Storage Area Network (SAN) monitor for Brocade SilkWorm switches running Fabric OS 2.2 or higher. Fabric Watch enables real-time proactive awareness of the health, performance and security of each switch, and automatically alerts network managers to problems in order to avoid costly failures. Fabric Watch provides unique end-to-end SAN awareness by tracking a variety of SAN fabric elements, events, and counters. Monitoring fabric-wide events, ports, GBICs, and environmental parameters permits early fault detection and isolation as well as performance measurement.
Fabric Watch is a robust fabric-monitoring tool for mission-critical Storage Area Network (SAN) fabrics. Unlike many systems monitors, Fabric Watch is easy to configure. Network administrators can select custom fabric elements and alert thresholds or they can choose from a selection of preconfigured settings for gathering valuable health, performance and security metrics. In addition, it is easy to integrate Fabric Watch with enterprise systems management solutions. By implementing Fabric Watch, storage and network managers can rapidly improve SAN availability and performance without installing new software or system administration tools.
Key Points
  • Increase availability and avoid costly failures by monitoring numerous fabric and switch elements
  • Receive automatic event notifications when switch and fabric elements exceed thresholds
  • Quickly identify and isolate faults
  • Monitor and optimize fabric-wide performance
  • Easily integrate Fabric Watch with enterprise systems management solutions
  • Enhance manageability by mitigating the need for multiple, vendor-specific monitoring tools
Product Features
  • Constant monitoring for large, heterogeneous SAN fabrics
    For a growing number of organizations, SAN fabrics are a mission-critical part of their systems architecture. These fabrics can include hundreds of elements, such as hosts, storage devices, switches, and Inter-Switch Links (ISLs). A flexible solution like Fabric Watch can optimize SAN value by tracking a wide spectrum of fabric events.
  • Automatic event notification
    Fabric Watch lets administrators define how often to measure each switch and fabric element and specify notification thresholds. Whenever fabric elements exceed these thresholds, Fabric Watch automatically provides an event notification that can send a message to an email address.
  • Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) trap
    Following an event, Fabric Watch can transmit critical event data as an SNMP trap. Support for SNMP makes Fabric Watch readily compatible with both network and enterprise management solutions.
  • Event log entry
    Following an event, Fabric Watch can add an entry to an individual switch's internal event log, which stores up to 256 error messages.
  • Lock port log
    Following an event, Fabric Watch can add an entry to an individual switch's internal port log and freeze the log to ensure that detailed information is available.
  • SNMP-based enterprise managers
    The Fabric Watch Management Information Base (MIB) lets system administrators configure fabric elements, receive SNMP traps generated by fabric events, and obtain the status of fabric elements through SNMP-based enterprise managers.
  • Rapid deployment and configuration
    Fabric Watch is designed for rapid deployment, custom configuration, and immediate fabric monitoring. Network administrators can easily create and modify configuration files using a text editor, and then distribute configurations to all the switches in the SAN.