Black Box Extreme Media Converter Switch 24-VDC - media converter

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Product Id: 19471743

Description: Black Box Extreme Media Converter Switch 24-VDC - Fiber media converter - Ethernet, Fast Ethernet - 10Base-T, fiber optic, 100Base-TX - RJ-45 / ST multi-mode - up to 2 km

Mfr Part #: LBH100A-PD-ST-24

MSRP: $526.20

Media Converter Switches from Black Box are the versatile way to extend your network. They're easy to use - literally plug-and-play - and offer many choices of fiber types, power types, and mounting options.
It's a media converter and a switch! Media Converter Switches do more than just adapt from one cable type to another. They're true Ethernet switches and behave like switches within your Ethernet network. This means you can connect them together indefinitely without worrying about interrepeater links. Each Media Converter Switch features non-blocking switching architecture with a 2K MAC address table. The 128K buffer memory makes it easy to interconnect 10-Mbps and 100-Mbps devices.
Key Points
  • A combination harsh-environment switch and media converter
  • Enables you to convert copper to optical fiber
Product Features
  • Tough enough for outdoor use
    Extreme Media Converter Switches are ideal for use in exposed locations with temperature ranges of -40 to +167° F (-40 to +75° C) - all they need in the way of protection is shelter from direct rainfall. What's more, the switches feature a sealed case, which uses its own metal shell as a heat sink. Choose them for applications such as traffic signal control or for sensors or surveillance cameras in outdoor plants. Extreme Media Converter Switches are rated for above-the-ceiling plenum installation.
  • Distance isn't a problem
    Because they're switches as well as media converters, Media Converter Switches provide more options in network topology, overcoming the distance limitations inherent with simple media converters - to add extra distance, just daisy chain another Media Converter Switch. If you need more ports at your remote location, just add a Black Box convenient switch.
  • AC or DC power choices
    Extreme Media Converter Switches have the power options to support harsh environments, too. Models with AC power supplies support 100-240 VAC power. The power supplies with recessed IEC power connectors work with any IEC standard power cord, making them adaptable to most international locations.