Fargo PolyGuard - laminating film cartridge

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Product Id: 19185918

Description: Fargo PolyGuard - 1 mil - 1 - CR-80 Card (85.6 x 54 mm) laminating film cartridge - for FARGO HDP 5000 CARD IDENTITY SYSTEM, 5000 Dual-Sided, 5000 Single-Sided

Mfr Part #: 82612

MSRP: $84.00

FARGO's exclusive PolyGuard lamination material is a secure, tamper-resistant overlaminate. PolyGuard provides superior durability, far exceeding the lamination capabilities of other card printers. Independent tests have shown cards printed with PolyGuard can withstand 50.000 swipes through a magnetic stripe reader before showing signs of wear, while competitive cards begin to show wear after only 300 swipes. PolyGuard is ideal for applications, which require long and highly secure card life.