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Description: C++Builder 2009 Architect - License - 1 user - download - Win

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Developers can now easily expand the global reach of their applications with built-in support for Unicode throughout C++ Builder 2009. Built-in support for Unicode means that applications will look and operate properly on all language versions of Windows and seamlessly support both Unicode and ANSI data. In addition, new and enhanced localization tools make it easier to translate applications to take advantage of specific local opportunities.
C++Builder 2009 is the only tools tailor-made for organizations building packaged software for resale/redistribution, high-performance graphical workstation applications, and client/server workgroup database applications. Top industries using C++Builder today to build next-generation solutions include ISVs, MicroISVs, Banking/Finance, Manufacturing, Government, Healthcare, Science/Engineering and Telecommunications.
This new release takes C++ languages forward with a host of powerful new programming language features such as upcoming C++0x standard language features. A new multi-tier DataSnapTM architecture enables developers to use RAD to build high-performance, highly scalable database middleware applications. The middleware applications can be connected to via a lightweight, open communications protocol with thin, full-featured clients that can reside on virtually any native or web client platform.
In addition, C++Builder 2009 represent the first Embarcadero solutions to bring together advanced CodeGear and DatabaseGear functionality in a single offering. The C++Builder Architect editions include ER/Studio Developer Edition to provide a complete solution for designing and building database applications. This integration results in enhanced productivity and time-to-market for developers.
Key Points
  • Visual Component Library (VCL) components including Microsoft Office style ribbon controls, Portable Network Graphics (PNG) image support, dozens of new capabilities for existing controls, and the ability to seamlessly build powerful UIs
  • The first commercial IDE support for C++0x and Technical Report 1 (TR1) in the C++ language
  • VCL for the web for creating AJAX and Silverlight-enabled rich intranet and line of business web applications
  • Updated built-in dbExpress support for CodeGear InterBase and Blackfish SQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Informix, IBM DB2, SQL Anywhere, Sybase and MySQL databases
Product Features
  • The speed of visual development with the power and safety of the C++ language
    Developers are often challenged to get their jobs done faster and deliver projects sooner. C++Builder provides the solution with an environment focused on rapid application development. The C++Builder code editor and debugger have productivity features to help you efficiently work with code and reduce errors. Use the visual design surface and hundreds of included components to quickly build user interfaces and complete applications in a fraction of the time it would take to code them by hand. C++Builder is also Unicode enabled throughout the Integrated Development Environment (IDE), making it faster and easier than ever to deliver applications accessible to users worldwide.
  • Standards-compliant language, libraries and full access to Windows API
    C++Builder gives developers all the power of the standards-focused C++ language so they can take advantage of a large variety of open source and commercial C and C++ libraries as well as the included Dinkumware STL and Boost libraries. The C++Builder 2009 compiler also includes early support for the upcoming C++0x standards so you can start working with the future of C++ today.
  • Rapidly build data-driven applications that connect to all your data
    C++Builder enables developers to use the same code to connect to all data, whether it is on Oracle, DB2, Sybase, InterBase, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Informix, Blackfish SQL, ODBC, or any combination. C++Builder standardizes database connectivity and provides drivers for major databases and Open Database connectivity. Use the Data Explorer to connect to and browse databases and the visual SQL query builder to create queries. Then visually design applications with drag-and-drop components for database connections, queries, tables, forms, and reports. C++Builder makes it easy to build any type of database application - from embedded to multi-tier and Web.