Tripp Lite MTP 50/125 Fiber Breakout 1U Patch Panel N480-024-LC - patch panel - 1U

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Product Id: 18782551

Description: Tripp Lite MTP 50/125 Fiber Breakout 1U Patch Panel - Patch panel - black - 1U - 19" - 24 ports

Mfr Part #: N480-024-LC

MSRP: $1,939.99

Tripp Lites MTP Fiber Optic Patch Panels are the ideal solution for consolidating dozens of fiber cable runs into an easy and manageable high-density patching system. MTP fiber cables contain 12-strands of fiber, replacing six individual duplex cables. A single MTP cable breaks out at the N480-024-LC patch panel into 12-pair of LC fiber connectors. The panel has four MTP connections, or "Cassettes", resulting in a total of 24-pair of LC connectors on the front of the panel. Short, duplex patch cables can then be used to connect from the front of the panel to fiber optic transceivers. Panels, and Tripp Lite MTP Patch Cables, utilize 50/125 multimode fiber for high bandwidth applications like Gigabit Ethernet or Fibre Channel Storage. Panels are pre-wired internally ... ready for plug-n-play use.
Key Points
  • 24 port LC- MTP fiber panel
  • 4 rear MTP 12-fiber connections
  • Plug-n-Play 1U High panel
  • 19" Rackmountable
  • 50/125 fiber for high bandwidth applications