Topaz SignatureGem LCD1x5 T-L462 - signature terminal

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Product Id: 18579967

Description: Topaz SignatureGem LCD1x5 T-L462 - Signature terminal - 11.2 x 3.3 cm - electromagnetic - wired - serial

Mfr Part #: T-LBK462-B-R

MSRP: $375.00

The Topaz Model T-L462 is a complete and versatile pen-input system with interactive LCD display. The advantage of a Topaz LCD tablet is the ability to capture a digital signature with the ease and familiarity of ink-on-paper by use of "electronic ink" displayed under the pen tip as a user signs. The LCD can also be used to display text and graphics from the host computer and pen-tap "hot spots" allows users to navigate between multiple screens and forms, inputting information or checking preferred options. The large signing area and small size of the LCD 1x5 make it a great tool for capturing signatures in any environment where portability or space are at a premium. The active electromagnetic pen is designed for a long life of over 30 million tip activation cycles, is tethered to the tablet to prevent misplacement, and when not in use can be kept in attached storage module.
Key Points
  • Active electromagnetic sensor
  • Active energized pen