Dialogic Diva UM-PRI/E1-30 - ISDN terminal adapter - PRI E1

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Product Id: 18474665

Description: Dialogic Diva UM-PRI/E1-30 - ISDN terminal adapter - PCIe x1 - ISDN PRI E1 - V.90 - E-1 ( 30 channels )

Mfr Part #: 306-394

MSRP: $10,461.00

The Dialogic Diva PRI/E1-30 ("Diva PRI/E1-30") is an exceptionally powerful, active server adapter, which comes as PCI and PCI express variants. Both variants provide identical digital and analog connectivity for up to 30 channels via ISDN Primary Rate (PRI) or E1 Interface. Please note that T1 and J1 Interfaces are also supported. Both variants are full size form factors.
Diva PRI/E1-30 has 31 on-board DSPs - dedicated to each channel - that support communications with digital devices, V.90 analog modems, fax machines and GSM-compatible mobile phones. This flexibility makes these adapters a perfect platform for remote access, fax, CTI, unified messaging and VoIP gateway applications with full support for voice, fax, GSM and analog calls on up to 30 (31) channels.
Key Points
  • Active adapters, supporting up to 30 simultaneous calls on one PRI and E1 line (T1 and J1 are also supported)
  • Scalable solution for growing applications
  • Up to 8 adapters can be operated concurrently in a server
  • High-speed processor and on-board DSPs ensure high performance, offloading server processing
  • Support for standardized software interfaces, such as CAPI and TAPI
  • Powerful support for fax, unified messaging and CTI applications with third party software
  • Full Linux support (32bit and 64bit)
  • Ease of installation guaranteed by Plug and Play conformance