Polycom PowerCam videoconferencing camera

Category: Video conference cameras
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Product Id: 18391899

Description: Polycom PowerCam - Videoconferencing camera

Mfr Part #: 2200-20960-001

MSRP: $1,549.00

PowerCam is Polycom's videoconferencing camera for group conferencing environments. It can be used as the main or auxiliary camera on the Polycom VS4000 or as auxiliary camera for any Polycom ViewStation FX or VS4000 videoconferencing system.
Completely designed with videoconferencing applications in mind, PowerCam offers easy "bracket-less" mounting on traditional monitors and flat screen displays, clean cable dressing, and integrated infrared receivers (select systems) for remote control devices.
All Polycom PowerCam models include the cables required for installation up to 50 feet (15 m) from videoconferencing system (VS4000 or ViewStation FX).