Polycom VORTEX EF IR11 - remote control

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Product Id: 18391131

Description: Polycom VORTEX EF IR11 - Remote control - infrared - for Polycom EF2241; Vortex EF2201, EF2211, EF2241, EF2280

Mfr Part #: 2200-80099-001

MSRP: $358.29

Controlling your Vortex voice conferencing products is as simple as the push of a button. With a variety of controls at your fingertips, the Vortex EF-IR11 controller makes it easy to adjust volume, bring a telephone call into the conference, or execute custom commands.
Users of Vortex voice conferencing products frequently need to move around the room. For example, a teacher in a distance learning classroom might be moving between a whiteboard and lectern, as well as walking up and down the aisles in the classroom. Users such as these benefit from simple handheld controllers such as the Vortex EF-IR11.
The EF-IR11 provides direct control of the Vortex EF2280, EF2201, EF2211 and EF2241 products. With the EF-IR11, a user can adjust volume, mute and unmute audio, activate a phone line, dial out or answer calls, or execute any of 35 macros that are user-programmed into the Vortex units. Macros could include instructions for codec controls, muting and unmuting of telephone callers or executing a preset in a Vortex unit. Dedicated buttons for two speed dial numbers (programmed into a Vortex telephone interface) make it easy to connect to frequently called locations.
An EF-IR11 consists of the handheld device and a small infrared receiver which connects to the RS-232 port on a Vortex unit. The receiver translates infrared signals to RS-232 commands, which are then passed to all linked Vortex units in the system.