Gyration Air Mouse Go Plus with Full Sized Keyboard keyboard and mouse set

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Product Id: 18388630

Description: Gyration Air Mouse Go Plus with Full Sized Keyboard - Keyboard and mouse set - 2.4 GHz

Mfr Part #: GYM1100FKNA

MSRP: $149.99

With the Gyration Air Mouse GO Plus featuring MotionSense, the world just got easier to navigate. No strings, no wires, no tricks, no gimmicks - just better technology that allows you a more comfortable and versatile mouse to operate in the air or on the desk. Take control of your presentations, entertainment, and Internet browsing with natural hand movements. You'll wonder how you ever did it any other way.
Key Points
  • Enables you to navigate your desktop and take complete control of your content from the comfort of your desk
  • Features in-air control with MotionSense technology providing the freedom to unleash yourself from strain-inducing surfaces
  • Incorporates RF technology without line-of-sight limitations and a range of up to 100 feet
  • Features ambidextrous design with right and left buttons and 3 assignable buttons for customer control of application commands
Product Features
  • Empowering
    Experience the patented MotionSense technology inside the Air Mouse GO Plus that delivers precise in-air cursor control and convenience. Ideal for any desktop computer user, the Air Mouse GO Plus features an ergonomic ambidextrous design that is easy to use.
  • Intuitive
    Use natural and comfortable wrist movements to take in-air control of your computer. Trigger activated MotionSense technology translates your hand movements into on-screen cursor motion for in-air operation.
  • Freedom
    Unleash yourself from the desktop. Interference free 2.4 GHz RF technology allows you to take mouse control from up to 100 feet away with no line of sight restrictions.
  • Revolutionary
    Take total control with simple hand motions allowing you to skip music tracks or control volume in multimedia applications, highlight important points in presentations, and much more.