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Product Id: 18360833

Description: HP - Desktop - for Workstation xw4600, xw6600, xw9400, Z620, Z820; Workstation xw8600

Mfr Part #: FZ576AA

The HP DX115 Removable Enclosure is a rugged drive carrier and receiving frame for internally mounting a SATA or SAS hard drive into a 5.25 inch optical drive bay in an HP Workstation.
Key Points
  • HP DX115 Removable HDD Frame/Carrier (FZ576AA)-- A receiving frame and carrier for a SAS or SATA 3 Gb/s disk. The receiving frame installs in one of the 5.25" optical bays in the workstation. The carrier holds the HDD and has a quick release handle for insertion/removal. You can install any HP supported 3.5" disk in the carrier. SATA disks are only supported when connected to the workstation's onboard SATA controller.