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Product Id: 18234328

Description: Computrace Plus - License ( 3 years ) - 1 notebook - volume - 1-2499 licenses - for LIFEBOOK A6220, AH550, E780, LH530, NH570, P770, S6520, S710, S760, T2020, T900, U820

Mfr Part #: FPC77-CTTR-F-36

MSRP: $98.95

Computrace Plus provides computer theft recovery, data protection and basic secure asset tracking reports. Computrace Plus enables IT professionals to track their organization's computer assets, recover lost or stolen machines and remotely wipe sensitive data if a computer is lost, stolen or nearing the end of its lifecycle.
Key Points
  • Track lost or stolen computers
  • Manage computing assets and inventory
  • Deter computer theft
  • Remotely delete data
Product Features
  • Deter theft and recover stolen computers
    Computrace Plus lets you efficiently monitor who is using your computers, what hardware changes they make, and where your laptops are located. If a computer protected by Computrace Plus is stolen, absolute software's recovery team will work with local law enforcement agencies to locate and recover the machine.
  • Increase visibility with secure asset tracking
    Traditional asset management systems can lose track of assets like laptops when they disconnect from the LAN or drift to unknown locations. Computrace Plus provides IT managers with access to up to date, detailed reports for every computer with an Internet connection.
  • Avoid costly penalties, ensure regulatory compliance
    Most government legislation is designed to protect customers? Privacy rights or place tighter controls on data and reporting. Computrace Plus helps with regulatory compliance by protecting data, tracking hardware and users, providing auditing capabilities and acting as a historical record of your computer assets and how they are being used.