Zoom V.92 USB Mini 3095 - fax / modem

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Product Id: 18110314

Description: Zoom V.92 USB Mini 3095 - Fax / modem - USB - 56 Kbps - V.90, V.92

Mfr Part #: 3095-00-00G

The low-cost Model 3095 modem plugs into the USB port of any notebook or desktop computer. Its miniature design makes it ideal for travel or use in your office.
The Model 3095 is approximately the size of a disposable lighter. The modem's short, integrated cable plugs directly into a computer USB port, and the other end of the modem connects to a phone jack through a standard phone cord. The standard phone cord is easy to replace if it's lost or forgotten, a considerable advantage over the proprietary phone cords used with most PC card modems.
The modem's power is provided by the computer's USB port, eliminating the need for a power adapter when traveling, and reducing power adapter clutter in the home or office.
An on-board digital signal processor and controller maximize system stability and performance. All V.92 features are supported, including quick connect, modem-on-hold, and improved compression for the graphic content found on the worldwide web. Other advanced modem features include voice mail support, send and receive fax, and ZoomGuard advanced lightning protection.
Key Points
  • Works with any desktop or laptop computer operating system that supports a USB port
  • Small, compact design is ideal for both portable and desktop computer use
  • USB port powered to maximize portability and eliminate power adapter clutter
  • Controller-based design maximizes system stability
  • Browse the web at higher speed
  • Modem on hold receive a voice call without losing your Internet connection
  • Quick connect reduces connection time to your ISP
  • Faster up-load speed
  • Supports voice applications like voice mail
  • Videophone-ready
  • ZoomGuard superior lightning protection
  • Traditional zoom quality and value
  • RoHS lead free
Product Features
  • Faster negotiation
    Most modems call the same Internet service number every time. V.92 modems save the connection profile at that number to significantly reduce the negotiation and connection time.
  • Faster upload speeds
    V.92 can send e-mail and attachments faster than V.90 modems.
  • Modem-on-hold
    It allows you to answer an incoming call without losing an Internet connection on the same line.
  • On-board digital signal processor and controller
    On-board digital signal processor and controller provide the highest level of system stability and compatibility for all desktop and notebook computers with USB ports.
  • Zoom guard lightning protection
    Zoom guard lightning protection provides the best protection in the industry against the leading cause of modem failure.