Quantum StorNext Enhanced iMover Module: Vaulting Option - license

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Product Id: 18056184

Description: Quantum StorNext Enhanced iMover Module: Vaulting Option - License - Linux, Win, Mac, UNIX

Mfr Part #: WSNSE-UEVA-001A

StorNext enables systems to share a high speed pool of images, media, content, analytical data, and other key digital assets so files can be processed and distributed quicker. Even in heterogeneous environments, all files are easily accessible to all hosts - SAN or LAN. When performance is key, StorNext recommends SAN connectivity to achieve throughput that extends over 10 GBps. For cost efficiency and fan-out, StorNext offers LAN-based access using clustered gateway systems with resiliency and throughput that outperforms traditional network sharing methods.
For long term data storage, StorNext expands pools into multi-tier archives, automatically moving data between different disk and tape resources to reduce costs and protect content. Data location is virtualized so that any file can easily be accessed for re-use, even if it resides on tape. Additional cost savings can be achieved using DRS, data reduction storage, which provides content-specific data reduction using Quantum's patented de-duplication technology.
Key Points
  • High speed data sharing dramatically boosts I/O performance and enables faster project completion
  • Heterogeneous data sharing amongst the broadest range of OS platforms enables greater collaboration and fewer delays
  • Distributed LAN client enables cost-effective fan out to LAN systems
  • Online expansion of storage capacity and disk array swap-outs simplify service and upgrade processes
  • iMover technology transparently moves data between storage tiers for simplicity, scalability, and economy
  • An industry first, data reduction storage extends cost savings for long and short term content retention
  • Integrated data protection and integrity checks safeguard data both on-site and off-site
  • Platform independence preserves user choice and eliminates vendor lock-in