HP 304A - CC532A - toner cartridge - yellow

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Product Id: 18034646

Description: HP 304A - Yellow - original - LaserJet - toner cartridge (CC532A) - for Color LaserJet CM2320fxi, CM2320n, CM2320nf, CP2025, CP2025dn, CP2025n, CP2025x

Mfr Part #: CC532A

MSRP: $168.34

HP Color LaserJet CC532A Yellow Print Cartridge creates high-impact promotional materials with improved HP ColorSphere toner. You can see the difference. Vibrant color and bold graphics grab attention. Realistic photos and images say more than words. Crisp, easy-to-read text and sharp detail communicate clearly. Count on easy-to-use Original HP supplies for consistent, reliable, fast performance and peak productivity.
Key Points
  • Vibrant color and realistic photo quality
  • Easy, cost-effective printing
  • Consistent, reliable, trouble-free printing
Product Features
  • Avoid wasted time and money of reprinting
    Consistent results throughout the life of the cartridge-HP ColorSphere toner. Documents come off the device quickly without sacrificing quality. HP ColorSphere toner conforms to an extremely uniform size and shape, allowing the printing system to achieve precise placement of toner on the page at fast print speeds and over the entire life of the cartridge. Count on the precision and consistency of HP ColorShere toner for outstanding quality at even faster print speeds. Consistent print quality page to page, cartridge to cartridge-Original HP cartridges with ColorSphere toner. Original HP toner cartridges with ColorSphere toner have been tried and tested, over and again, with predictable results. HP ColorSphere toner is developed to ensure proper functioning with each cartridge-and with the printer-so you don't need to worry about smudges, leaks, or defects. Choose the reliable, consistent performance of Original HP toner cartridges and avoid the wasted time and money of cartridge problems and reprinting. For trouble-free printing, choose the uninterrupted, consistent performance of Original HP toner cartridges. Fast print speeds without sacrificing print quality-HP ColorSphere toner. For consistent, professional results choose Original HP. Our latest HP ColorSphere toner achieves optimum size, allowing the precise, uniform placement needed to produce consistently bright, bold color, clean lines and photo-quality resolution without sacrificing speed. Built-in cartridge intelligence triggers adjustments that maintain print quality over cartridge life. And Original HP cartridges are rigorously tested to deliver consistent results page after page, cartridge after cartridge. Accurate, repeatable results. Each HP Color LaserJet printer or MFP uses an optimized toner formulation. Enhanced additives are key to ensuring consistent output quality throughout the life of the cartridge and are designed to maintain charge control for reliable performance across environmental conditions. All fine-tuned so that HP toner performs consistently throughout the life of the cartridge and from one cartridge to the next.
  • Original HP supplies make printing easy
    HP Color LaserJet toner cartridges comprise up to 70% of the printer's imaging system. To make the system easy to use and to provide legendary HP reliability, our proven all-in-one cartridge is designed for simple operation, incorporating the toner and imaging drum in one supply. Our improved HP ColorSphere toner, precisely designed with the cartridge components, makes this critical element even more reliable. The result is consistently professional, print-shop quality results. Original HP toner cartridges make printing easier and more cost-effective than ever. Print black pages for the same cost as an HP black-and-white LaserJet,[2] and take advantage of color whenever you need it. Original HP printing supplies enable a one-stop printing experience, providing professional quality and consistent, reliable results no matter what you print. Intelligence built-into Original HP toner cartridges makes it easy to keep supplies on-hand. Receive alerts when supplies are low. Order right away, press the "snooze button" to postpone or shop anytime via a convenient desktop icon. Shop from a choice of resellers or local retailers. Use the "Shop for Supplies" link to HP SureSupply[1] to view a list of cartridges that work with your printer. With easy supplies management, you have more time to be productive. To help avoid interruptions that cost you productivity, HP offers Easy Printer Care. Monitor and maintain two to 20 HP LaserJet and inkjet devices simultaneously, view supplies status including an estimate of pages remaining, track toner usage, consolidate supplies ordering information and link directly to HP SureSupply[1] for easy, accurate ordering of Original HP supplies. Order from HP or from a choice of participating online resellers or local retailers. Print black pages for the same cost as an HP black-and-white LaserJet,[2] and print in color anytime. Designed for easy, reliable operation-the all-in-one HP toner cartridge and ColorSphere toner. Save time, increase productivity-proactively manage your printers, MFPs and supplies with HP Easy Printer Care. "Shop for Supplies" icon, built-in intelligence make Original HP supplies easy to order with HP SureSupply[1].
  • Grab attention with more vibrant color, bold graphics
    Image quality to suit every element on the page-vibrant color graphics, realistic photo quality, sharp text. A difference that gets noticed-improved HP ColorSphere toner, designed together with the printer. Improved HP ColorSphere toner takes award-winning Color LaserJet performance to the next level. The goal-optimize print quality from text and lines to photo-quality images, producing print-shop quality results in-house. Our latest formula achieves an optimum toner size and uses innovative technology to optimize system performance, ensuring the reliable, smooth flow of toner onto the page. You'll immediately notice the difference in text and image sharpness, color intensity and photo resolution. Vibrant color can make graphics stand out, but it can also make photo images look unnatural. HP ColorSphere toner is designed together with the printer, enabling the system to produce outstanding image quality for every element of the page, whether text, graphic or photo image. Original HP toner cartridges with ColorSphere toner make it possible to create the accurate image quality and professional documents worthy of representing your business. Look to the innovation that makes improved HP ColorSphere toner the clear choice. We've achieved more sharpness and clarity in text and detail with the optimum toner size, enabling a new degree of precision in toner placement on the page. And we've used innovative technologies to create an even broader range of colors and more color intensity. All while balancing each component of the overall formulation to achieve consistent results, page after page, cartridge after cartridge. Bright, true colors, sharply defined details, natural skin tones-higher gloss creates realistic, photo-quality. To produce professional, photo-quality prints for business, our latest HP ColorSphere toner uses innovative technology that allows Original HP toner to flow uniformly into a smooth finish across the page, achieving significantly higher gloss. Like a freshly waxed car, suddenly you see a dynamic range of bright, true colors, sharply defined details, and colors that fade very gradually into each other. Even skin tones look natural and lifelike, creating realistic, photo-quality images. It's clear to see-the text and details are sharper, the broader range of perceived colors even more intense.