Elo Magnetic Stripe Reader - magnetic card reader - USB

Category: Magnetic card readers
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Product Id: 17521221

Description: Elo Magnetic Stripe Reader - Magnetic card reader ( Tracks 1, 2 & 3 ) - USB - dark gray - for Elo 1515L; Desktop Touchmonitors 1515L

Mfr Part #: E177037

MSRP: $67.00

The Elo USB magnetic stripe readers (MSRs) work in two modes - Keyboard emulation (KBE) and Human Interface Device (HID).
The desired operating mode is determined by the software that runs the user's business, usually a point of sale software package. End users often end up with an MSR that is set up for the wrong operating mode for their software. For this reason, Elo now offers MSRs that may be easily switched between operating modes.