Tripp Lite Easy Pull Type-A VGA Analog Trunk Cable - video cable - 10.7 m

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Product Id: 17509070

Description: Tripp Lite 35ft Easy Pull Long Run Display Cable Type A Analog PVC Trunk Cable F/F 35' - Video cable - Easy Pull A (F) to Easy Pull A (F) - 10.7 m

Mfr Part #: EZA-035

MSRP: $56.00

Tripp Lite's EZA-035 10.68 m (35-ft.) Easy Pull VGA Trunk Cable makes pulling video cable through conduit or confined areas a breeze. Threaded ends feature screw on pull-caps, which can be attached to fish tape. Choose from a variety of connector choices that easily screw on to the threaded ends of the trunk cable. Trunk cables are available in 10.68 m (35-ft.), 15.24 m (50-ft.) and 30.5 m (100-ft.) lengths, both PVC and plenum rated. Cable ends are colored-coded green to denote VGA applications (Digital trunk cables are Yellow). Cable features triple-shielded construction with 75 ohm coax conductors for RGBHV signals supporting resolutions up to 1600 x 1200. Trunk also carries Audio signals when used with Easy Pull end kits that feature Audio connections.
Key Points
  • Eliminates the need to field terminate VGA connectors
  • Detachable, screw-on connectors
  • Allows cable to be run according to code - inside conduit, drop ceilings, etc.
  • Makes pulling long cables fast and easy
  • Protects entire cable from strain, dirt, debris and damage