CODi Combination Cable Lock - security cable lock

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Product Id: 17481344

Description: CODi Master Key Combination Cable Lock - Security cable lock - 1.98 m

Mfr Part #: A02029

MSRP: $80.00

Forgot your combination? With this lock that isn't a problem! The CODi Master Key Combination Cable Lock gives you the convenience of a key-less combination lock, but allows you to disengage the lock with the matching key set and the ability to "re-learn" your combination using the "code finder pin".
The Master Key Combination Lock is the perfect solution for companies wishing to deploy combination locks while maintaining the ability to remove the lock if necessary. Because this lock can be master-keyed, security personnel or IT management has the ability to remove the lock in the event of forgotten combinations and lost key sets. Saves money and protects equipment from damage if a lock cannot be disengaged.
The Master Key Combination Lock includes code finder pin.
Key Points
  • 5mm galvanized steel cable provides for an extremely effective theft deterrent
  • Universal lock head fits nearly all laptops, flat panel displays and other office equipment with security slots
  • Matching key set allows user to disengage lock and reset combination if it is forgotten
  • A code finder pin is included
  • Allows security or management access to lock without key set or combination