Avocent HMX 2050 User Station - Monitor/USB/audio extender

Category: Console extenders
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Product Id: 17389213

Description: Avocent HMX 2050 User Station - Monitor/USB/audio extender

Mfr Part #: HMX2050-001

MSRP: $1,260.00

The Avocent HMX series eliminates the distance limitations found in analog extenders. The HMX 2050 delivers high-quality dual-head video with 1920x1200 60 Hz resolution. The HMX 2050 enhances safety and security by enabling monitors, keyboard, mouse and speakers at a convenient desktop location while your computer resides in a physically secure location on the network.
Key Points
  • Dual-head video
  • Eliminates distance limitations on the LAN
  • Removes dedicated cabling requirements between transmitter and receiver
  • Designed for harsh, sensitive, and restricted areas
Product Features
  • Eliminates distance limitations within the LAN
    Allows computers and users to be located anywhere on the network.
  • High-quality DVI video and CD audio
    For intensive graphic and audio applications.
  • Centralized management
    Via a single console, including access, desktop pooling and reporting.
  • Centralized, user-rights management
    HMX system allows user administration and authentication through AD, LDAP, TACACS+, RADIUS, RSA SecureID and NT.
  • Greater security
    128bit AES encryption for secure access.
  • No dedicated cabling
    Removes the need for dedicated cabling between user and computer.
  • USB support
    USB media and most other USB devices including USB keyboard/mouse as well as vUSB.
  • Interoperability
    Between the HMX extender system and the single- and dual-video, high-resolution products.