IMC iMcV S2MM/155 - media converter

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Product Id: 17157915

Description: IMC iMcV S2MM/155 - Media converter - Ethernet, ATM, Fast Ethernet - SC single mode / SC multi-mode - up to 40 km - OC-3 - 1300 nm / 1310 nm

Mfr Part #: 850-14530

MSRP: $370.00

The iMcV Series of fiber mode conversion modules allows you to easily extend your network to remote locations by converting multi-mode fiber to single-mode fiber.
In today's dynamic networks, changing requirements are a fact of life. The multi-mode fiber products and cabling, which were the most cost-effective and sound choice for your network yesterday, may no longer give you the flexibility you require when adding remote offices today. Easily overcome the distance limitations inherent to multi-mode fiber by converting to single-mode fiber. Fiber mode converters are the solution.
Extend the reach of your network without replacing multi-mode fiber equipment: As an economical alternative to using a switch with single-mode fiber ports, simply install an IMC Networks fiber mode converter into your multi-mode fiber network. This enables you to easily connect to single-mode cabling and achieve distances up to 100 km. The fiber mode converters also give you the flexibility to add single-mode fiber links only where needed.
Hot-swappable fiber mode conversion modules significantly reduce operation costs by allowing other modules within the same chassis to remain up and running during product upgrades, maintenance and troubleshooting.