SonicWall Advanced Reporting for Aventail E-Class SSL VPN EX-750 - License - 1 appliance - Linux, Win

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Product Id: 17134192

Description: SonicWALL Advanced Reporting for Aventail E-Class SSL VPN EX-750 - License - 1 appliance - Linux, Win

Mfr Part #: 01-SSC-8227

When managing secure remote access, administrators needs to be able to know precisely who accessed what resources, from where and when. SonicWALL Aventail Advanced Reporting delivers a robust hierarchical log analysis tool that enables IT to track and evaluate all remote user access to an organization's resources over a SonicWALL Aventail E-Class SSL VPN. Designed with all the configurability and power needed to generate and customize reports to meet enterprise-class IT and user requirements, Advanced Reporting allows IT to also automate repetitive functions such as updating databases and generating key reports.
Using Advanced Reporting, IT has everything they need to easily generate all the necessary professional reports on remote access to an organization's networks. Advanced Reporting delivers robust functionality for all administrative reporting needs, including geographic reporting and granular log views on such details as date/time, source host, destination host, destination port, authenticated user, authentication method, time zone, version status, access method, realm, group bytes in, bytes out and duration. Scalable for a global enterprise, it is localization-ready and accessible anywhere over the web from Windows, Linux or Macintosh devices.
Key Points
  • Powerful, custom drill-down reporting
  • Easy custom reports from anywhere
  • Multiplatform off-appliance hosting
  • Optimized for SonicWALL Aventail E-Class SSL VPN