Verbatim - DVD+R DL x 15 - 8.5 GB

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Product Id: 17132738

Description: Verbatim - 15 x DVD+R DL - 8.5 GB 8x - spindle

Mfr Part #: 95484

MSRP: $37.50

Preferred by DVD drive manufacturers, Verbatim DVD media continues to set the standard for high-speed disc performance, reliability, and compatibility. DVD+R Dual Layer nearly doubles the storage capacity with two AZO recording layers on a single-sided disc. Store up to 8.5 GBs of data or approximately 4 hours of DVD-quality video on a single disc in 14 to 16 minutes with 8x speed.
While requiring a dual-layer recorder, these discs are compatible for playback with most standard DVD video players and DVD-ROM drives.
DVD+R DL and DVD-R DL are one-time record discs, ensuring that your movies, video clips or other data will not be erased.
Key Points
  • 8.5 GBs of storage capacity on a single-sided disc - No need to flip the disc;
  • Largest compatible DVD back-up and data archiving format for computer drives;
  • Record 4 hours of DVD quality television and video (16 hours of VHS quality, the capacity of 12 CDs);
  • Record at up to 8x speed on high-speed drives, burning 8.5GB in approximately 14-16 minutes;
  • Compatible with high speed DVD+R DL drives from Sony, Philips, Lite On and other leading manufacturers;
  • Ideal for archiving home movies.