Avocent AMX 5111 User Station with AMIQ-PS2 module - KVM extender

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Product Id: 16930713

Description: Avocent AMX 5111 User Station with AMIQ-PS2 module - KVM extender - TAA

Mfr Part #: AMX5111-G01

MSRP: $1,210.00

The Avocent AMX 5111 desktop user station provides access from your desk to one AMX KVM matrix switching system and one local computer. The AMX5111 user station supports PS/2 and USB keyboards and mice.
The AMX5111 user station connects to your multi-platform KVM peripherals and sends the KVM signals over an industry-standard UTP cable to an Avocent AMX matrix switch.
Avocent exclusive AutoTuning technology allows the AMX5111 user station to automatically compensate for varying UTP cable types and lengths, such as CAT 5, CAT 5e and CAT 6, include GigaFlex. AutoTuning technology adjusts for signal losses each time a switch is made to a server.
The AMX5111 user station works with the OSCAR graphical user interface (GUI). The OSCAR interface uses multi-lingual, intuitive menus for click and connect system configuration and server selection.
Key Points
  • Multi-lingual menus
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Easy server configuration and selection
  • Click and connect to servers
  • Full system management tool
  • Supports switching in share, private and scan modes
Product Features
  • Full bandwidth and real-time access to servers
    Facilitates access to multiple servers and applications where full-bandwidth video quality is critical.
  • Easy-to-use OSCAR graphical user interface
    No training required for immediate user interaction with target computers.
  • Multi-platform support
    PS/2, USB, Sun and SGI servers and VT100 serial-based devices.
  • Automatic compensation for any video losses induced by cabling
    Simplifies the installation of equipment and guarantees high-quality video for each user without any user intervention.
  • Out-of-band access to computers
    Users can access all cascaded computers without the need to access the corporate network.
  • Consolidates the local ports of KVM over IP products
    Users have back-up access to servers independent of the IP network.
  • Consolidates access to existing analog KVM switches
    Users can integrate legacy KVM switches into their Matrix KVM switch.