Digi Passport 16 - console server

Category: Multistation access units (MAUs)
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Product Id: 16895676

Description: Digi Passport 16 - Console server - 16 ports - RS-232 Mdm

Mfr Part #: 70002270

MSRP: $2,621.00

The Digi Passport provides secure remote access to the console ports of computer systems and network equipment over Ethernet or dial-up connections. Offering native support for the Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI), the Digi Passport can communicate with virtually any server or device.
The Digi Passport also provides network-based graphical access to servers, providing a single interface through which to remotely administer systems and run desktop applications without the cost and complexity of traditional KVM over IP solutions.
Key Points
  • FreeKVM technology
  • Native IPMI support
  • Perl language support for customizable scripting
  • Intelligent notification features
  • SSHv2 and SSL/TLS for secure connections
  • Advanced auditing and logging capabilities
  • Digi's patented RealPort serial-over-Ethernet driver provides transparent migration to network-based management
  • Flexible configuration and management
  • Automated deployment tools