HPE 620 - power supply - redundant - 1440 Watt

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Product Id: 16666184

Description: HPE 620 - Power supply - redundant - 1440 Watt - for HPE 3500-24G-PoE, 3500-48G-PoE, 6200-24G-mGBIC, Switch 2900-24G, Switch 2900-48G

Mfr Part #: J8696A

MSRP: $2,799.00

The E620 Redundant/External Power Supply provides redundant system power and/or an extra 398 W of Power over Ethernet (PoE) power for each of two supported switches simultaneously. Ideally suited for Voice over IP (VoIP) environments, the E620 provides the RPS and extra PoE power needed in many other common customer environments where high power availability is desired. Switchover from a failed internal power supply to the 620 is seamless and immediate. In addition, the 620 can protect against a single power main failure by being connected to a different power main than the switch. The 620 supports the HP E3500 Series, as well as E6200 switches.
Key Points
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Product Features
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    Independent RPS and EPS ports: two RPS ports provide system power for up to two switches simultaneously and two EPS ports provide PoE power for up to two switches simultaneously.
    Supports a number of HP E-Series stackable switches: Redundant power supply (RPS): provides full redundant system power (RPS) support for the HP E2900 Series, E2910 Series, and E3500 yl Series, as well as E6200 yl switches. External power supply (EPS): provides an additional 398 W of PoE (EPS) power to the HP E3500 yl Series.
    Cables included: includes four 2-meter RPS/EPS cables; cables can be used to carry RPS power or EPS power to the connected switch; no extra cables are needed for a complete solution.