Verbatim - CD-R x 100

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Product Id: 16373508

Description: Verbatim - 100 x CD-R ( 80min ) 52x - white - thermal transfer printable surface, printable inner hub - spindle

Mfr Part #: 95254

MSRP: $56.00

For sharp, clear graphics using color thermal printers the preferred choice is Verbatim's CD-R White Thermal Printable discs, which support full-surface edge-to-edge printing. Certified for use with all color thermal printers including Rimage Everest printing technology, these 52x speed certified CD-R disks have a white, thermal, scratch resistant surface. This surface optimizes thermal printing for superb high-resolution reproduction of graphics text and logos.
The ultimate in reliability and recording performance is yours with Verbatim CD-R media. These advanced discs enable you to take full advantage of today's CD-R burners. With Verbatim CD-R discs, you'll enjoy error-free performance even at the highest read/write speeds. These are one-time record discs, ensuring your valuable files will not be erased.
Key Points
  • Inner hub printable; ideal for full surface, edge to edge printing
  • Full-color, high resolution, photo-quality printing
  • Crisp & clear text reproduction on optimized color thermal printable layer
  • Certified compatible with color thermal printers including Rimage Everest Thermal printer technology.
  • 700MB/80min storage with up to 52x recording