Cisco High-Speed WAN Interface Card serial adapter - 4 ports

Category: Network interface cards
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Product Id: 15952209

Description: Cisco High-Speed - Expansion module - HDLC, RS-232, PPP, RS-530, X.21, V.35, RS-449, SLIP, RS-530A - 4 ports - for Cisco 28XX, 28XX 2-pair, 28XX 4-pair, 28XX V3PN, 29XX, 38XX, 38XX V3PN, 39XX

Mfr Part #: HWIC-4T=

MSRP: $3,115.67

The HWIC-4T is a 4-port multiprotocol high-speed WAN interface card (HWIC). Protocols supported are Async (SLIP), Async (PPP), HDLC, Bisync, and transparent.
Key Points
  • WAN access and aggregation
  • Legacy protocol transport
  • Dial access server
Product Features
  • Legacy protocol transport
    Serial and synchronous/asynchronous ports are ideally suited to transport legacy traffic across a TCP/IP network, facilitating network convergence and eliminating costly separate leased lines for this traffic.
  • Dial access server
    Asynchronous HWICs can connect to external dial modems to provide low-density dial access servers.