Tripp Lite SmartOnLine SU10000RT3U2TF - UPS - 9 kW - 10000 VA

Category: Uninterruptible power supplies
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Product Id: 15920350

Description: Tripp Lite UPS Smart Online 10000VA 9000W 208/120V Rackmount 10kVA USB DB9 Manual Bypass Switch Hot Swap 10URM - UPS - AC 208 V - 9 kW - 10000 VA - output connectors: 30 - 10U - attractive black

Mfr Part #: SU10000RT3U2TF

MSRP: $8,992.80

Tripp Lite SU10000RT3U2TF 10,000VA / 10kVA / 9000 watt online, double-conversion UPS system offers complete power protection for critical network applications. This system delivers online, double-conversion UPS protection with zero transfer time, suitable for advanced networking applications. Fault-tolerant auto-bypass prevents unexpected service interruptions during UPS overload or internal fault conditions. Included detachable PDU with manual bypass switch enables hot-swappable replacement of entire UPS power module with no interruption to connected equipment. Enhanced availability, fault tolerance and simple hot-swap replacement options make this UPS ideal for advanced networking applications in data centers, computer rooms, network closets and rugged industrial locations.
Key Points
  • 10,000 VA on-line, double-conversion UPS system for critical server, network and telecommunications equipment
  • Installs in only 10 rack spaces (3U power module, 3U battery pack and two 2U step-down transformers)
  • Maximum installed rack depth of 32.5in
  • Full-time sine wave 208V and 120V +/-2% output
  • Actively converts raw incoming AC power to DC, then re-converts output back to completely regulated, filtered AC output
  • Operates continuously without using battery power during brownouts to 156V and overvoltages to 276V
  • Highly efficient operation in optional economy mode setting, saving BTU heat output and energy costs
  • Standard 3-wire 208V hardwire input connection; NEMA L6-30R, L6-20R and 5-15/20R output receptacles
  • Detachable input-output PDU module with manual bypass switch enables hot-swap UPS replacement without disrupting power to connected equipment
  • Network-grade AC surge and noise suppression
  • Zero transfer time between AC and battery operation
  • Network management interfaces support communications via RS-232, contact-closure port and optional SNMPWEBCARD slot
  • Supports detailed monitoring of equipment load levels, self-test data and mains power conditions via network interfaces
  • Includes PowerAlert monitoring software and complete cabling
  • Emergency Power Off (EPO) interface
  • Front panel LEDs offer at-a-glance confirmation of line power status, battery power status, AC-to-DC conversion, DC-to-AC conversion, bypass mode and output power status
  • LED/LCD display panel easily rotates for better viewing in rackmount or tower configurations
  • LCD panel with scroll buttons offers detailed diagnostic test information at startup and during self tests, plus real-time data on input and output voltage, frequency (Hz), load percentage and battery charge level
  • Audible alarm
  • Self-test
  • Fault-tolerant auto-bypass mode