IPX ED-24V - camera outdoor housing

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Product Id: 15887651

Description: IPX ED-24V - Camera housing - outdoor - beige

Mfr Part #: IPX-ED-24V

This high-quality, environmental enclosure is engineered to protect network pan/tilt video cameras from physical and environmental damage. Durable, compact design facilitates the installation of cameras outdoors while maintaining ideal operating temperature with a thermostatically-controlled heater and fan. Heavy-duty mounting bracket conceals all cabling and can be installed on any vertical surface. Optional pole and corner mount adapters also available. Compatible with many leading brands of IP-based pan/tilt/zoom video surveillance cameras.
This product is designed for the following cameras:
Axis 213 PTZ;
Canon VB-C50iR;
D-Link DCS-5300;
D-Link DCS-6620;
Hawking HNC800PTZ;
Hawking HNC700PT;
Vivotek PZ6112;
Vivotek PT3112;