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Description: Loftware Label Manager - License - 1 user - ESD - Win - English

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The Loftware Label Manager is the ideal system for bar code labeling applications in warehouses, manufacturing facilities and logistics operations. This high-end bar code label design and printing software package has all the features you need to start meeting the demands of the global supply chain. Start printing straight out of the box today! With no programming requirements! It's easy to design and print sophisticated barcode labels. With minimal effort, software developers using Loftware's ActiveX System control can integrate bar code printing directly into their Windows applications.
Key Points
  • Practical wizards and templates for RFID tags and barcode label design and printing
  • Multi-document interface for editing and viewing more than one RFID technology or barcode label at a time
  • Thumbnail mode that includes actual data
  • Range and on-demand printing from manual entry or database output
Product Features
  • Print international labels
    The language properties wizard allows the printing of any language. If you do not have a printer that is capable of printing double-byte fonts such as Korean, Japanese or other Asian languages, they can still be sent to your printer as a bitmap. This allows you to have as many languages as you want on the same label because you can create any international language field on your label individually. If you have a printer that supports double-byte fonts, you may utilize them natively in Loftware.
  • Unlimited design for increased efficiency
    Many users can simultaneously design label formats across LAN/WAN and Internet networks operating in Windows Server with Terminal Server and Citrix Metaframe environments. One concurrent user license comes standard with each edition permitting the sharing of network attached barcode or Windows printers.
  • Print on-demand
    An operator data entry screen is automatically created while you design your label. This form becomes the data entry screen for all "On-Demand" printing tasks. To print labels, simply click on the on-demand printing icon, open a label form and fill in the variable fields from the keyboard or retrieve your data directly from your database. Print labels to printers locally or on your network.
  • Print a range of labels
    The range print module allows a range of labels to be printed from any ODBC32-compliant database using a pre-defined, or dynamic SQL query. Ranges can also be specified by using the "Query Assistant" which can eliminate the need to know SQL.
  • Print a group of labels
    Batch print allows the processing of ASCII batch files created from a PC or host computer. Print one label or a group of labels to one or more printers on the network. Batch Print can also access ODBC-32 data sources either exclusively or mixed in with data provided in the file.