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Product Id: 15839533

Description: Loftware Print Server 2000 - License - 1 additional client - Win

Mfr Part #: 030756NT-ACS

MSRP: $199.00

The Loftware Print Server (LPS) is a "client/server" based technology solution that resides on a single server or high-powered PC. Barcode labels can be requested from a number of clients simultaneously including ERP, WMS and custom host applications. Labels are designed with the Loftware Label Manager (LLM-WIN32), which comes standard with the LPS.
Key Points
  • Centralizes control of the label printing function
  • Ensures fast and reliable label production
  • Prints thousands to millions of labels per day
  • Enables label data integration from more than one application and/or database with the Loftware connector
  • Provides labels to meet growth opportunities
  • Quickly delivers updated labels to changing business requirements
  • Assures compliance with strategic business partner and/or regulatory agency label requirements
  • Multiple print requests are queued for each target printer with full error recovery and guaranteed delivery
  • High-Speed TCP/IP socket connectivity with Loftware Print Servers results in the rapid processing of label print requests and high label production throughput
  • Translates label print request into device-specific printer control language in order to deliver optimal label printer performance
  • Critical Print Status information available on a per job basis
  • Frees up expensive business-critical applications and systems from the resource intensive task of creating and printing labels
  • Frees up expensive programming staff from the mundane task of on-going maintenance programming and/or creating scripts to support label creation and printing
Product Features
  • Centralized control for enterprise label printing
    The Loftware Print Server is a server-based software solution for managing and processing label print requests from corporate applications. The Loftware Print Server is a highly scalable system that is designed to handle label print requests targeted to hundreds or thousands of printers. The Loftware Print Server can be deployed in enterprise architectures to support load dividing, fault tolerance, and automatic failover to assure continuous high volume label production.
  • Control and compliance without coding
    The Loftware Print Server links business-critical applications to the label printing infrastructure to solve the 'Last Mile Connectivity' problem. Loftware's products support connectivity to the broadest range of applications. Loftware is committed to protect legacy and future investments in the technology that drive your business. The Loftware Print Server delivers uniform control of the print process, from design through production, on a wide range of otherwise incompatible printers. Advanced management tools also allow IT professionals to monitor their entire network of printers.