Verbatim High Speed - CD-RW x 5 - 700 MB

Category: Recordable compact discs (CDs)
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Product Id: 15666774

Description: Verbatim High Speed - 5 x CD-RW - 700 MB ( 80min ) 4x - 12x - slim jewel case

Mfr Part #: 95157

For those looking for the performance and stability of CD recordable media, but who want the flexibility to add to or overwrite their music, data or images, CD re-writable discs are the solution. These discs offer CD-quality storage capacity and are re-writable.
Key Points
  • Certified 4X-12X ultra speed rewrite compatibility;
  • Advanced Super-Eutectic Recording (Advanced SERL) technology, a Verbatim patented phase-change recording layer enhances archivability for superior durability and reliability at higher rewrite speeds;
  • Rewritable up to 1, 000 times;
  • Read compatible with multi-read CD & DVD drives;
  • Superior overwrite cyclability.