Tripp Lite WatchDog Service Monitoring and Reboot Software - Box pack - 1 site - CD - Win - with PowerAlert

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Product Id: 15657808

Description: WatchDog - Box pack - 1 site - CD - Win - with PowerAlert

Mfr Part #: WATCHDOG

MSRP: $50.00

Tripp Lite's award-winning WatchDog Software automatically reboots locked-up or poorly performing system service applications, helping ensure 100% availability and profitability for kiosks, web/email servers, security system computers and other remote, unattended systems. Set CPU- and memory-usage thresholds and monitor service performance in one application, fully compatible with most Tripp Lite UPS Systems.
For a complete protection and availability solution, purchase a Tripp Lite UPS System to use with WatchDog Software. The UPS System will safeguard connected equipment against downtime and damage due to blackouts, surges and other power problems. Another benefit of deploying a UPS System with WatchDog Software is the ability to reboot a completely locked system. WatchDog Software automatically directs PowerAlert Software to reboot the computer and connected equipment by powering down and restarting the UPS System. WatchDog Software supports Windows NT, 2000 and XP Systems.