Allsop Tree Frog Mouse Pad mouse pad

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Product Id: 15512560

Description: Allsop Tree Frog Mouse Pad - Mouse pad

Mfr Part #: 29371

MSRP: $116.97

Frogs are pretty common, but strangely, they're just odd enough to be considered exotic. Even though, as pets, they're pretty boring. While some smaller frogs are active, most of the larger types of frogs don't move around too much. The one on this Mouse Pad is quite sedentary also, but at least you don't need to feed it bugs and stuff. Hanadeka is a cute Japanese way of saying big nose. Mr. Yoneo Morito pioneered this style of animal photography using a fish-eye lens to capture the playfulness and charisma natural to pets. In preparing to photograph an animal, Mr. Morito takes it into his own home and lets it live and get comfortable with him, his equipment and the atmosphere. The result is genuine pet personality in a picture. As with every Allsop Mouse Pad, it's soft and durable. It gives you the ideal surface for mousing and cursor control. The non-slip base will let you browse with comfort and confidence.