Verbatim - CD-RW x 10 - 700 MB

Category: Recordable compact discs (CDs)
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Product Id: 15111350

Description: Verbatim - 10 x CD-RW - 700 MB ( 80min ) 2x - 4x - slim jewel case

Mfr Part #: 95170

MSRP: $12.00

When it comes to CD Technology, Verbatim rewrote the book. Verbatim CD-ReWritable media is the industry standard for performance, compatibility, and the ultimate in reliability. Available in all popular rewritable speeds, these discs provide superior overwrite cyclability in today's most popular CD-RW drives.
Key Points
  • 700MB/80min storage with Certified 2X-4X speed rewrite compatibility;
  • Rewritable up to 1000 times; Long archival life
  • Read compatible with multi-read CD and DVD drives
  • Branded silver surface; Ideal for markers or labels
  • Superior overwrite cyclability
  • Verbatim Lifetime Warranty