Wasp WCS3905 CCD Scanner - barcode scanner

Category: Light pen or barcode scanner
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Product Id: 14803687

Description: Wasp WCS3900 - Barcode scanner - handheld - 45 scan / sec - decoded - USB

Mfr Part #: 633808091040

The Wasp WCS3900 barcode scanner series are the most popular CCD barcode scanning devices in the Wasp product line. Manufactured for durability yet employing an exclusive ergonomic design for comfort, the WCS3900 and WCS3905 barcode scanners are the best in their class.
For fast connection, the WCS3900 can simply be plugged into a keyboard wedge via USB or PS/2. Both barcode scanners send data to an active application just like it was typed on a keyboard. They are designed for retail, point of sale, or any repetitive process where time and accuracy are important factors in making business succeed. The WCS3900 CCD barcode scanner is a contact scanner that reads barcodes up to 1" away with a maximum barcode width of 3.25".
An optional stand is available for hands-free scanning applications.
Key Points
  • One-touch scanning
  • Durable, manufactured from high-quality ABS plastic
  • Includes 6-foot USB or PS/2 cable
  • Lightweight, ergonomic design
  • Maximum barcode scanning width of 3.25"
  • Hands-free scanning (with optional stand)