Eicon DIVA Server Analog-8P - fax/voice/data board

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Product Id: 14800351

Description: Eicon DIVA Server Analog-8P - Fax/voice/data board - PCI - V.90 - analog ports: 8

Mfr Part #: 306-233

MSRP: $2,634.00

Diva Server Analog communication adapters are offering standard RJ-11 interfaces to connect to public and private switching systems via analog trunk interfaces. Sharing the unique system architecture that is common to all Diva Server adapters, Diva Server Analog products provide powerful on-board CPU and Digital Signaling Processor (DSP) resources - one dedicated to each communication channel. Thanks to providing high-performance media processing functions such as V.90 data modem, V.34 fax receiver and transmitter, Voice over IP (VoIP) streaming, voice compression and echo cancellation on-board, Diva Server Analog enhances the overall system performance and lowers implementation cost. Based on the latest industry standards, Diva Sever Analog works in any PCI and PCI-X based server platform and demonstrates best-in-class system design, resulting in minimum power consumption and heat dissipation.
Like all Diva Server adapters Diva Server Analog also supports a common and consistent set of programming interfaces. This allows application developers and system integrators to minimize porting effort and reduces time to market. Whether using industry standard CAPI and TAPI, or Diva Server API via the Software Development Kit (SDK), an application once designed to work with any Diva Server adapter can also seamlessly be used with Diva Server Analog.
Key Points
  • Universal, multifunction platform
  • Cutting-edge hardware design
  • High-performance media processing
  • Consistent Diva Server programming interface
  • State-of-the-art operating systems supported
  • Superior scalability and flexibility
  • Easy to install and configure