Wasp Time Standard RFID Solution - complete package

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Product Id: 14773489

Description: WaspTime Standard RFID Solution - Box pack - 1 administrator, 50 employees - CD - Win - with 50 RFID Badges / RFID employee time clock / 2 Ethernet cables / Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition

Mfr Part #: 633808550028

MSRP: $695.00

With WaspTime Time and Attendance Premium you can enjoy the benefits of an automated time and tracking system with the convenience of a RFID time clock. Employees simply swipe their badge near the clock and the RFID reader automatically captures the incident.
Need a way to track when employees arrive, take lunch, depart? Tired and frustrated with the debate that can occur around an honor or paper system? Spending hours upon hours manually entering employee time? Now, with WaspTime - Time and Attendance Premium you can gain control of your company's most precious asset - employee time. Easily installed this system is ideal for companies who want an easy-to-use time and attendance system and utilize the latest convenience of a RFID system.
Perfect for businesses with up to 100 (or more) employees, the WaspTime system is easily connected to a PC or a network computer using the built in Ethernet (RJ-45) network connection and included cables. Need additional clocks for a back entrance? The system easily supports and automatically recognizes additional clocks on your network. Need to expand as your company grows? Additional software licenses can be purchased.
This package includes license for up to 50 employees.
Key Points
  • Eliminates math and re-keying errors by automatically summarizing employee time sheets and hours for payroll or tracking reports
  • Maintains employee time cards to ensure compliance with Federal wage and hour reporting
  • Allows HR staff to easily review in-and-out punches
  • Captures and automatically processes overtime hours
  • Automatically captures and processes employee time (arrival, breaks in/out, lunch, and departure)
  • Captures sick days, vacation, and conference time away
  • Supports weekly, biweekly, bimonthly and monthly payroll
  • Export to your current payroll systems, including ADP, QuickBooks and other applications
  • Generates more than 30 powerful management and administrative reports
  • Easy to install - includes WaspTime setup wizard
  • Time and attendance system that is scalable to grow with your business