APC SurgeArrest Essential - surge suppressor

Category: Surge suppressers
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Product Id: 14367197

Description: APC SurgeArrest Essential - Surge protector - AC 120 V - output connectors: 1 - charcoal

Mfr Part #: P1T

MSRP: $16.25

The APC SurgeArrest Essential series represents the minimum level of surge protection that should be present on any of your computers and household electronics, with most models also providing surge protection for your phone lines. Its state of the art circuitry offers protection for sensitive electronic equipment against larger power surges and multiple surge events. Additional features like plentiful outlets, status indicator LEDs and more make this our best value for surge protection - our lifetime Equipment Protection Policy guarantees it.
Key Points
  • Manual disconnect switch
  • Transformer block spacing
  • Right angle plug
  • 180-degree rotating cord retainer
  • Lightning and surge protection
  • Noise filtering
  • Catastrophic event protection
  • Fail safe mode
  • Protection working indicator
  • Building wiring fault indicator
Product Features
  • Lightning and Surge Protection
    To prevent damage to your equipment from electric power surges and spikes
  • Building Wiring Fault Indicator
    This LED informs users of potentially dangerous wiring problems in the wall circuit
  • Phone Line Splitter
    Allows use of two pieces of equipment at once, such as a modem and phone